Advanced Medical Solutions is a firm of doctors and staff providing services for the doctor, the individual, the community and the world. The Practice will provide an effective and efficient health care delivery system while consistently maintaining morals, principles, ethics and integrity. Advanced Medical Solutions is a primary health care delivery system offering chiropractic physician care, nutrition and exercise programs, and psychology development throughout the community.

This system of healthcare delivery will be provided to ensure a well-rounded and healthy lifestyle that supports the body, mind and spirit. Programs and education will cover a wide range of topics, and it will include everything from implementing mind-body therapy routines and advanced weight loss programs. The clinics also provide disease reversing, anti-aging, and health focused brands that center on God, science, life people, health, and happiness.

Once you begin healing and are as healthy as possible, you should not have to compromise health or time to prevent relapse of aliments and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This is why Advanced Medical Solutions treats the major pains and sufferings in a fast and efficient manner. This will function very well for the transit patients and busy parents. Advanced Medical Solutionsis your quick one stop shop for body, mind and spirit. Getting healthy should be easy, which is why every product and service will be efficient and effective on every level. Office visits and appointments can be “drop-in-and-out” to even up to 2 hour advanced therapies and special appointments. Advanced Medical Solutions is designed for you, the patients and practice members.

'I️ came in initially with severe pain in my back. Since starting my treatment my pain has significantly decreased and I️ feel amazing. I️ have more energy and I️ sleep much better at night. I️ highly recommend to anyone who is seeking a holistic approach to alleviating pain.'   -  Megan Petillo

To continuously offer the best holistic medical care, we stay on top of the most recent medical studies and advancements.

Our goal is to help patients reach their full healing potential without the unwanted side effects associated with pain medications or invasive surgical procedures.  

We do that through Advanced Medical Solutions that focus on healing and regeneration of our patients. Advanced Medical Solutions does not believe in covering up the problem with medications that cause worse symptoms than before you went to the doctor.  We are in the business of actual healing.